Tunes Tuesday: Mix °6

Written by Whitney DavidsonLast week Kendall and I met up to take some outfit pictures for the blog. What started off as fairly successful, quickly turned into a disaster. My camera’s memory card wouldn’t hold pictures. Being only slightly frustrated, we decided “screw it” and set out for tacos. What originated as a “let’s get tacos”, quickly escalated to deciding on which appetizers would best accompany our selected taco, and before we knew it we were contemplating margaritas “frozen or on the rocks?”. Following our tacos (with a side of roasted potatoes, and a margarita on the rocks), we decided it was the time for reverse happy hour at one of our favorite local spots. Think chardonnay, white wine sangria, and moscato.

While sitting and sipping, we couldn’t help but nod our heads to the beat of each song that played; some of them resonating old memories and others resulting in a quick Shazam session. Quickly, our photography frustrations faded and our night resulted in erupting laughter fits, animated snapchats, and quit possibly a pit stop for oreo milkshakes after our happy hour sojourn.

Moral of the story, music (and food) so effortlessly takes us from one place to another, instantly brightening any ambiance. Here are a few of the songs that danced around our ears that night, and now!

  1. What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber

  2. Nostalgia – Doe Paoro (RAC Mix)

  3. Do It Again – Trevor Something

  4. Cap Sud – DGTO

  5. Drive You Home (Ft. The Donnies The Amys) – Sam Feldt & The Him

  6. Waiting For You – Flamingo Pier

  7. A Perfect End – Atlas Genius

  8. For The Love (Ft. Taleb Kweli) – GRiZ

  9. All I Want From You Is Everything – THE SCHOOL

10. Nightcall – KANT

  1. Why III Love The Moon – PHONY PPL

  2. FDVM (Ft. Josh Wantie) – Brightest Light

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One thought on “Tunes Tuesday: Mix °6

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