Weekly Inspo: For The Ocean Lovers

It could be best described as energized, unique, powerful, and boasts glittering splendor.
It’s vastness is overwhelming with it making up over 70% of the surface of our beautifully created planet.
Almost nothing can compare to its strength, and possesses an aggressive ability to destroy with little warning. Yet, this wet-wonder is home sweet home to an infinite number of sea life, while also being an essential support system to us land inhabitants.
It’s deepest depths still haven’t been reached, and will continue to be a mystery as 0ver 95% of it’s waters have yet to even be touched by explorers.
On the other hand, this exotic beauty can be found as being a major source of inspiration to the beauty and fashion world, and this weeks inspo for KIWI.
Accordingly, this week we are sending our hugs and kisses to…

the Ocean.



Remember to protect this precious treasure.
Keep the beaches clean, and do your part by picking up liter and cutting those pesky plastic 6-pack rings you find around canned beverages. Every little bit helps, and we can do an immense amount of difference in our everyday-to-day activities! By simply picking up a piece of plastic off the hallway floor and not letting trash blow through our streets, this can stop harmful trash from eventually reaching our oceans and harming or being ingested by precious sea life.

There are an abundance of inspirational organizations and projects, seeking to lessen the degradation of the oceans and creating a better ocean environment for sea and land dwellers alike!
The links below help sum up some of the best around.


Kendall + Whitney



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