Taking the Tense Out of Travels


Comfort & your cool. Two things you must keep when traveling.

Both are, at times, hard to come by when you have hundreds of people bumping into you, running to their terminals, old ladies assuming you are an airport employee and asking for help, time crunches occurring when you really thought you had managed your time better- just a few examples of anxious airport moments.
That very last thing we want to think about at a time like this is: Is my tummy pooching out in this tight, form fitting tank top I am wearing? – while you’re speed walking to your gate after you’ve finally passed through security. We took out some pieces from our closets that exhibit pure comfort, yet still have their needed flare of style, you know, just incase you run into that celebrity you weren’t anticipating at LAX. Let’s face it, even if that never happened, you still want to look good while you’re flying over the country! But you want your comfort too.

W’s booties and K’s flannel (on standby) are perfect for when all of a sudden, you wonder if the pilot is changing routes and is flying over the Arctic Circle. W’s flowy, long sleeve top perfectly meets the comfort and style standards, while K’s light pink tank does the same! Don’t make traveling a stressor. Enjoy the moments when you are stuck amid a pool of frantic, over-sleepers and you are able to thank yourself for not wearing those heels and leather jacket.

Happy Travels! 


Whitney | Blouse : Urban Outfitters | Shorts : Forever 21 | Necklace : gifted from a friend – similar here & here | Booties : Zigi Soho, sold out – similar here |

Kendall | Tank : (similar) | Flannel : H&M (similar) | Shorts : Roxy | Sandals : Similar |



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