Wind Blown

There’s a reason behind the title. The part y’all don’t quite catch in the photos below, but can only imagine. But trust us when we say this was our funniest, most entertaining, hilarious shoot yet. To give you an idea of the bloopers & behind the scenes action, K’s hair has never stood straight up and straight outwards, forming a floating 90 degree angle from her head, quite like that before, and W has never really had to tuck a dress between her legs for an hour straight, but hey, she got a great thigh workout in. (Note to self: There is always a perk amid chaos, although you just might have to find it.)
To put it lightly, it was a windy day. A very windy day. With tiny tornadoes made up of dirt & leaves forming violently around us, and the clouds looking darker and more ominous by every passing second, we thought we would continue with the picture taking! As we wiped our tears from laughter and composed ourselves just in time for each camera click, we realized just how poorly planned our outfits really were for this particular day. But without pause we continued on shooting as we were being pelted by dirt, branches, and who knows what.

But do not be dismayed by the lack of pictures to prove our Wind Blown adventure. We will be gracing you all’s screens with a post completed dedicated to the chaotic, blooper, mayhem we have captured throughout the year from our other shoots! But for now, we hope you will enjoy the few pictures that actually turned out decently, and hope you can learn from us not to adorn yourselves with semi front-crop tops and thin, flowy, knit dresses on a windy day, worthy of a hurricane classification. We gave it a Category 4.

IMG_4168 IMG_4160 IMG_4192 IMG_4194

Whitney | Dress : Zara Trafaluc – sold out (similar here) | Jacket : Vintage (similar here & here) | Boots : Joe Fresh – sold out (similar here & here) | Bracelets : Together By Gravity | Necklace : Forever 21 |

Kendall | Top : | Jeans : | Necklace : Forever 21 | Shoes : Vans |



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