All Time Favorite On-Screen Couples

Movie nights have easily become a top competitor when it comes to winning over our end of the day attention span. Sometimes rather than re-living what went on during a long, tiring day, it’s fun to escape and temporarily step into the on screen subjects shoes. For instance, almost instantaneously after selecting play, we might find ourselves in New York City, sipping cocktails on rooftops with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, discussing the newest installation of Manolo Blahnik’s. Or maybe we’ll find ourselves in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, racing down Fury Road, placing our hope in the hands of Furiosa and Mad Max, while fighting for salvation from Immortan Joe and his army of war boys. Sex And The City and Mad Max… they couldn’t be more polar opposites, right? That’s exactly why we love motion pictures, because they caters to our ever changing movie mood swings.

With that being said, we can easily admit that we’re guilty of staying up late to relish in the love of our favorite on screen couples; wine in one hand, snack in the other. Whether it be suspense, romance, action, or comedy, there’s almost always two people in love, out of love, or in an “it’s complicated” relationship. No matter what the status may be, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite prospects and are ready give a little love to our favorite on-screen couples. (In no specific order)

1. Edward & Vivian (Pretty Woman). Forever a favorite for us. The two may be an unlikely pair to say the least, but we can’t help but fall head over heels for Edward’s tender loving ways towards Vivian. And we always love a good gentleman.

2. Carrie & Big (Sex and the City). Oh, these two. If you’ve kept up with the SATC show, you know the rollercoaster of up and downs these two have experience, but at the end of they day, it only makes them that much stronger. They may be complete opposites at times, but they compliment each other so well.


3. Dasiy & Gatsby (The Great Gatsby). Although the “love” between these two is hardly worthy of being labeled love, you can’t help but admire Gatsby for his persistence and emotional marriage to a woman that he was with for only a small amount of time. Call it unhealthy obsession or true love, we just can’t help but call it wonderful.

4. James & Vesper (Casino Royale). The unlikeliest of couples due to James’ consistent dispassionate demeanor and Vesper’s strong sharp confidence. Not exactly a cute & cuddly couple – more like a total power couple. Gotta love these two.

5. Zack & Emil (An Officer and a Gentleman). Simply, the couple that you know is going to have a lot of problems but will never part. Together forever.

6. William & Anna (Noting Hill). A quiet Englishman and a dazzling, American movie star. Sounds pretty perfect until their different life styles attempt to tear them apart. Nevertheless, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

7. Susan & Joe (Meet Joe Black). A strange turn of events caused these two to fall in love, which leaves us to always remember that sometimes the most bizarre and unlikely occurrences can create the strongest loves.

8. George & Lucy (Two Weeks Notice). They’re polar opposites, they annoy each other to no end, and they’re overly competitive towards one another. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be weak in the knees for each other. You can’t help but love their ridiculous love.

9. Lazslo & The Englishwoman (The English Patient). Forbidden love is exciting. Maybe it’s the intense love that comes with the known fact that they will never be together. Or could be the telepathically insinuated rendezvous hidden from the public eye. Add those factors together, in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and with WWII coming to a close. A fiery love affair is bound to happen.

One Day

10. Emma & Dexter (One Day). What starts off as a one night stand, turns into an unbreakable friendship, that leads into the deepest love. You realize that not only do they have the strongest bond, but that they deeply need each each other. You can’t help but find yourself needing them for them just as much as they need it for themselves.



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