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Hello there, Curious!

Allow us to share some Kiwi Crave tidbits.
TKC is a joint blog space created by Kendall Pauley and Whitney Davidson. We are two twenty-something year olds who originally developed this site when we arrived at the realization that we were undoubtedly, self proclaimed, ’round the clock, content cravers. Say what? In other words, IMG_6664we are in a 24/7 search for the up and coming – with an appreciation of vintage and an anticipation of the modern.

After several years of our friendship (although we feel that word is too much of a downplay, and to call each other sisters is too cliché), one thing remains the same… our form of communication. We speak a wide variety of what we consider to be the best of languages: travel, tunes, food, fashion, people, and the list goes on and on… and on [trust us]. So with that being said, we designed The Kiwi Crave to be an online archive containing our most recent topics of discussion. Consider it a compilation of current craves & documented conversations between the two of us, developed into one single blog post! So overall, we hope to bring you a weekly dose of inspiration through our vast variety of topics. Just click on Categories at the top of our home page & begin fulfilling your crave of the day.

Crave on!
Kendall + Whitney




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