Weekly Inspo: Top Of The Line

Whether you are walking in, wearing it, crossing it, drawing it – a line. It’s a simple, narrow mark helping to create many of the things we see in fashion, art, photography, beauty, nature and more. We are giving the … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo: For The Ocean Lovers

It could be best described as energized, unique, powerful, and boasts glittering splendor.

Kiwi On A Dime : Make Up Edition

So unless you’ve never stepped foot in a drug store/super market – and we are pretty positive everyone has –  you would know that at least on one occasion, you’ve found yourself amidst the brightly lit, vibrant colored, jam-packed shelves of … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo: Color Pops!

Cheers to the new week! May it be as fun and full of energy as these pops of vibrant colors amongst mellow neutrals… With love, Kendall + Whitney *Disclaimer: We do not own, and are not associated with the creators, … Continue reading