Weekly Inspo: For The Ocean Lovers

It could be best described as energized, unique, powerful, and boasts glittering splendor. Advertisements

Weekly Inspo: Ice Ice Baby

Okay… So as we’re sure most of you have noticed by now, it’s been a little while since we’ve published a post. Actually it’s been a long while. To be quite frank, we haven’t been all too happy about having … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo: Irresistible Iridescence

  *Disclaimer: We do not own, and are not associated with the creators, of any of the above images. We thank the users of Pinterest and Tumblr for their contributions to these sites, and therefore, to the blog.* Kendall + … Continue reading

Playing With Prints

We love when a little bit of the wild collides with the world of fashion. Whether it be prints of something in nature such as leaves, the ocean, landscapes, or animals, we love them all. But we found ourselves reaching … Continue reading