Weekly Inspo: For The Ocean Lovers

It could be best described as energized, unique, powerful, and boasts glittering splendor. Advertisements

Weekly Inspo: Irresistible Iridescence

  *Disclaimer: We do not own, and are not associated with the creators, of any of the above images. We thank the users of Pinterest and Tumblr for their contributions to these sites, and therefore, to the blog.* Kendall + … Continue reading

Let’s Get Technical

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world and have a wardrobe to go with it? Our five favorite apps can take you from Barney’s to Bali in a matter of taps. We of course can’t forget about our everyday go-to … Continue reading

Fruit So Fancy

       As part of our summer to-do list, one of the things that we had written down was to incorporate fruits more in our day-to-day summer lifestyles! We’re catching Zs over the basic cuts of fruit and sugar-added … Continue reading