Weekly Inspo: Green With Envy

Guacamole. Palm trees. Caterpillars. Starbucks. “GO!”. Margaritas. Mike Wazowski. Recycling. A garden hose. Sour apple suckers. A leaf. Christmas. A cactus. Emerald stones. Kale chips. Alligators. Envy. These are a few things that reminded us this week to pay tribute to the … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo: Color Pops!

Cheers to the new week! May it be as fun and full of energy as these pops of vibrant colors amongst mellow neutrals… With love, Kendall + Whitney *Disclaimer: We do not own, and are not associated with the creators, … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo : Spring ’15

Although the weather may not know so, fashion knows so… Spring ’15 is under way! This week we have been keeping up with what Haute Couture week in Paris for this up coming season, and needless to say, we have been … Continue reading

Weekly Inspo : Glimpses of Gold and Silver

For as long as we have been friends, we have always sent each other inspiration worthy pictures or things that really captured our attention. You know… those gasp-worthy pictures that are just so beautiful that you can’t believe are real? Yep, … Continue reading