Tunes Tuesday: Mix °6

Written by Whitney DavidsonLast week Kendall and I met up to take some outfit pictures for the blog. What started off as fairly successful, quickly turned into a disaster. My camera’s memory card wouldn’t hold pictures. Being only slightly frustrated, we … Continue reading

Tunes Tuesday: Mix °4

Got the mix goin’ UP! on a Tuuuzday. You can’t expect to blog a music post on a Tuesday without a ILOVEMAKONNEN reference… With our Tunes Tuesday: Mix °4, we would like to introduce Kiwi’s very own Soundcloud account!  SC is the perfect … Continue reading

Tunes Tuesday: Majestic Casual Style Mix° 2

The best songs of all are the ones you stumble upon… much like fashion finds in a typical KiWi shopping experience. Since high school, we have always been in the race to come across those not-yet-heard, undiscovered tunes, and it turning into essentially a … Continue reading