Kiwi On A Dime: Sunglasses Edition

Although fall is technically here, we still have plenty of heat waves headed our way, being from Texas that is. Aaaaand we may or may not be trying to justify buying new shades.  Because sunglasses aren’t just for summer, right? Plus … Continue reading


Written by Whitney Davidson Summer is a time for adventure; A time to slow down, embrace getting lost, travel to new places, create enduring memories , and see things in the light of the warm summer sun. That’s how I see … Continue reading

Kiwi On A Dime : Make Up Edition

So unless you’ve never stepped foot in a drug store/super market – and we are pretty positive everyone has –  you would know that at least on one occasion, you’ve found yourself amidst the brightly lit, vibrant colored, jam-packed shelves of … Continue reading

Summer Whites

To this keep this sweet and simple, we’ll just come out and say it; we’re obsessed with summer whites. There’s something so timeless about pairing white on white for a simple summer statement. How’s that for alliteration? This look is one of our favorite … Continue reading